We are giving away copies of the Rishloo – Feathergun 2 x 12″ LP

We want to share great music with the world and we are giving away five copies of the limited edition Rishloo – Feathergun 2 x 12″ vinyl!  All you have to do to be eligible is sign into Facebook and like the Atreides Records facebook page! It really is that simple! For every 100 fans that like the page we will give away a record starting at 100 and continuing on until we hit 500 likes.  That is FIVE copies of the record in total to be given away for FREE including shipping to anywhere in the world! The winners will be decided by draw (name in hat style) from the fans of the page at the time of each giveaway and the winner receives a copy of the Rishloo – Feathergun 2 x 12″ limited edition vinyl!  So go ahead and get your grandmother to like the page and she can give the vinyl to you if she wins!!

You can help get these records sent out to some lucky fans by liking and sharing the facebook page: www.facebook.com/atreidesrecords

You can also help us out by sharing any of these videos featuring songs from the Feathergun vinyl. The following playlist contains all of the songs in order as they appear on the vinyl edition:

Rishloo – Feathergun Full Playlist

Atreides Records 2nd Release

We have confirmed our second release but we can not give any specific details about it at this time. We are very, very excited about it though! What we will say is that we are making it clear with the 2nd release that our label is not genre-specific. “Good music” is and always will be the agenda. Expect an update about this in the coming months as more details are worked out.

In other news the remaining band members from Rishloo have formed a new band “The Ghost Apparatus” and you can hear their first single Winslow right here: http://theghostapparatus.com/ ~ They are currently seeking out a new voice so spread the word and encourage any unique and talented singers to check them out and apply.

Lastly, we still have copies of the Rishloo – Feathergun 2 x 12″ LP located in our store ~ www.atreidesrecords.com/store ~ Grab your copy while they are still available as this vinyl is now an excellent way to remember a decade of inspiring music that Rishloo has left behind.


Atreides Records Update

Update: Record sales of the Rishloo – Feathergun 2 x LP have been great and we have received many emails from fans stating that they are enjoying the vinyl as much as we do! All of the bonus merch posters and buttons have been sent out with Pre-Orders but we still have a few Rishloo stickers remaining! So if you are considering buying the vinyl (remember that it comes with a high quality mp3 download of the album as well) and would like a sticker we are still adding them to the orders until our supply is exhausted. You can order the vinyl at: www.atreidesrecords.com/store

And why not listen to the vinyl while wearing a new shirt featuring the exclusive vinyl art! You can grab one at: http://rishloo.com/store

Feathergun Vinyl Art Shirt


Feathergun 2 x 12″ LP on schedule

Today marks a significant day in our labels history and we are very proud to have Rishloo & all of their fans along for the ride. Our first pressing in its final form has arrived! We will be organizing everything for the Feathergun 2 x 12″ LP Pre-Orders over the coming days and they will be shipped as scheduled by March 5th, 2012!

Rishloo - Feathergun 2 x 12" LP ~ www.atreidesrecords.com