We are giving away copies of the Rishloo – Feathergun 2 x 12″ LP

We want to share great music with the world and we are giving away five copies of the limited edition Rishloo – Feathergun 2 x 12″ vinyl!  All you have to do to be eligible is sign into Facebook and like the Atreides Records facebook page! It really is that simple! For every 100 fans that like the page we will give away a record starting at 100 and continuing on until we hit 500 likes.  That is FIVE copies of the record in total to be given away for FREE including shipping to anywhere in the world! The winners will be decided by draw (name in hat style) from the fans of the page at the time of each giveaway and the winner receives a copy of the Rishloo – Feathergun 2 x 12″ limited edition vinyl!  So go ahead and get your grandmother to like the page and she can give the vinyl to you if she wins!!

You can help get these records sent out to some lucky fans by liking and sharing the facebook page: www.facebook.com/atreidesrecords

You can also help us out by sharing any of these videos featuring songs from the Feathergun vinyl. The following playlist contains all of the songs in order as they appear on the vinyl edition:

Rishloo – Feathergun Full Playlist

Atreides Records 2nd Release

We have confirmed our second release but we can not give any specific details about it at this time. We are very, very excited about it though! What we will say is that we are making it clear with the 2nd release that our label is not genre-specific. “Good music” is and always will be the agenda. Expect an update about this in the coming months as more details are worked out.

In other news the remaining band members from Rishloo have formed a new band “The Ghost Apparatus” and you can hear their first single Winslow right here: http://theghostapparatus.com/ ~ They are currently seeking out a new voice so spread the word and encourage any unique and talented singers to check them out and apply.

Lastly, we still have copies of the Rishloo – Feathergun 2 x 12″ LP located in our store ~ www.atreidesrecords.com/store ~ Grab your copy while they are still available as this vinyl is now an excellent way to remember a decade of inspiring music that Rishloo has left behind.


Atreides Records Update

Update: Record sales of the Rishloo – Feathergun 2 x LP have been great and we have received many emails from fans stating that they are enjoying the vinyl as much as we do! All of the bonus merch posters and buttons have been sent out with Pre-Orders but we still have a few Rishloo stickers remaining! So if you are considering buying the vinyl (remember that it comes with a high quality mp3 download of the album as well) and would like a sticker we are still adding them to the orders until our supply is exhausted. You can order the vinyl at: www.atreidesrecords.com/store

And why not listen to the vinyl while wearing a new shirt featuring the exclusive vinyl art! You can grab one at: http://rishloo.com/store

Feathergun Vinyl Art Shirt


Feathergun 2 x 12″ LP on schedule

Today marks a significant day in our labels history and we are very proud to have Rishloo & all of their fans along for the ride. Our first pressing in its final form has arrived! We will be organizing everything for the Feathergun 2 x 12″ LP Pre-Orders over the coming days and they will be shipped as scheduled by March 5th, 2012!

Rishloo - Feathergun 2 x 12" LP ~ www.atreidesrecords.com


Feathergun officially available for Pre-Order


The groundbreaking third album by Rishloo – Feathergun is now available on 2 x 12″ vinyl LP. Only 500 pressed, very limited quantities! Reserve your copy before they sell out.

Rishloo was an American psychedelic, progressive rock band formed in 2002 in the city of Seattle, Washington, USA. The band released three albums before disbanding in 2012.  Feathergun was the bands last album together and now as a vinyl release serves as a tribute to a decade of inspiring music from an incredible band.


© Daniel Zetterstrom Photography

 “Over the years, many of you have inquired about the meaning of the name Rishloo. Now for the very first time here is the meaning we kept to ourselves. “You know that place, that slipstream of inspiration that sits just out of reach of your conscience mind? It’s an unlimited, cascading tunnel of inspiration that ignites your soul at the most unexpected times. It’s a container of uncontainable egoless passion that, given free reign, eliminates all impossibility and encourages creation. That slipstream is Rishloo.”

Rishloo ~ Feathergun 2 x LP Pre-Orders Available Midnight (CST)

Atreides Records is fortunate to have been working with Rishloo in their final days as a collective to make the Feathergun 2 x Vinyl LP. Although we are saddened by the bands split after a decade of inspiring music we still stand behind this record with great enthusiasm. It was an honor to have worked with Rishloo putting out Feathergun on vinyl. Official Pre-Order should be up by tonight at midnight (CST). We’ve been listening to the Feathergun test presses for the last month & the album transferred to vinyl really well. We’re excited to share it with you.


Rishloo Feathergun 2 x LP Test Presses

Sneak peak at the exclusive artwork & unique song order for Rishloo’s “Feathergun” 2 x LP

Here is a preview of the exclusive artwork for Rishloo’s – Feathergun 2 x LP to be released by Atreides Records February 2012 ~ For more information & updates you can also check the bands website: www.rishloo.com

The vinyl also features a different song order to create a new, unique journey through the album. Below is the listing for this limited edition double vinyl release:

To hear how the vinyl plays in order listen here:
Rishloo – Feathergun 12″ Vinyl Track Listing

LP 1
Side A -
 01. River of Glass
 02. Feathergun in the Garden of the Sun
 03. Katsushika
Side B -
 04. Turning Sheep into Goats
 05. Systematomatic
 06. Diamond Eyes
LP 2
Side A -
 07. Keyhole in the Sky
 08. Downhill
 09. Dreamcatcher
Side B -
 10. Scissorlips
 11. Weevil Bride

Atreides Records set to release Rishloo’s album “Feathergun” as double vinyl (2 x LP)

We are very proud to announce that we shall be releasing Rishloo‘s psychedelic, progressive rock masterpiece “Feathergun” as a double vinyl (2 x LP) very early 2012. The package will exhibit exclusive artwork & will also include a digital download card containing the full album. More information regarding release dates, pre-orders, etc. will be announced in the coming weeks.


© Daniel Zetterstrom Photography

Rishloo is an American psychedelic, progressive rock band formed in 2002 in the city of Seattle, Washington. Started back in 2002 as a collaboration between the guitar player, Dave Gillett and bassist Sean Rydquist, the band found its initial drummer, Tyler, through an ad in the local magazine, while the singer, Drew, got to join the band after they had been through the auditioning of hundreds of singers. The lineup was to be changed though after the release of the first album, Terras Fames, in 2004, as Jesse Smith replaced Tyler on the drums. In this formation the band started to build up its own distinctive sound, spending almost 3 years to work on their next album, Eidolon, which was released in 2007, once again with self financing. After the release, the number of listens on Last.fm jumped from 220,000 to over 1 million within 6 months and started building a very solid and loyal fan base for the band. Proof of the fan’s dedication stays in the fact that a fan decided to mail them a guitar, instead of selling it, since he believed that the guitar in the hands of the band would be more rewarding to him. Rishloo continued to work as an independent artist, investing all the income from the album, merchandise or ticket sales back into the production of the new album. In December 2009 that investment resulted in the release of Feathergun.  Skip to the present and here we are in 2011 where a partnership has been formed between Atreides Records & Rishloo to make this double vinyl release of the now classic album possible. Coming February 2012!

Listen to Rishloo here: http://rishloo.com/

Atreides Records!

Welcome to Atreides Records.

We are a new label formed with a unique vision. Though our team has an outstanding collective equating to decades of experience in the field we have only recently decided to combine forces & create a label dedicated to releasing great music without compromise. Atreides Records is a vinyl-only label. This means that we shall strictly release music on wax. In this digital era we believe that the special feeling of experiencing an album on vinyl is being lost to the download & sharing of files. We intend to preserve the greatest format for music to be presented to fans by ensuring that incredible music is not lost in the sea of CD’s & iTunes releases that have congested the industry. It has become increasingly difficult for great music to be discovered as fans struggle to siphon through the mass amounts of music being produced by hobbyists across the globe. With the reduced costs associated to manufacturing CD’s or going straight to digital retailers the sea of nothingness is expanding at a rapid rate & making it more difficult for fans to locate the real gems.

We intend giving deserving bands the opportunity to be preserved in the grooves of time forever, to emerge from the sea & skyrocket beyond the atmosphere. We feel that the bands we work with deserve to be noticed & we believe that a vinyl release is a step in the right direction for up & coming or even established musicians to continue guiding their progress towards setting themselves apart from the sea of nothingness.

Stay tuned for updates. We are currently taking our time selecting the right band for our first release in what is sure to be a string of truly great albums that will literally shape a new generation of vinyl enthusiasts.

© 2011 Atreides Records